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You deserve to love your skin.

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Hi! I'm Vanessa.
I'm a holistic skin coach
and licensed esthetician, specializing in anti-aging.
I help people look younger &  feel healthier, confident, & at-home in their skin.
I entered the skincare industry in 2016 with a love of anti-aging ingredients, but the real passion began in 2019 when I developed hormonal acne. In a quest to gain back control of my skin, I became determined to learn everything that I could about how diet & lifestyle impact skin health. I even became a certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner & Health Coach!

Today, I have mostly clear skin (because perfect skin doesn't exist!) & a deep understanding of how the health & appearance of our skin depends on the quality of our diet, lifestyle, mindset and (of course!) skincare routine. This has evolved into a true passion for helping others take control of their health to feel comfortable & confident in their skin - just like I did.

My clear skin didn't happen overnight (you'll see once you read the full story!) but it showed me that when we prioritize ourselves, we can not only look younger, but feel happier & healthier, too.

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Currently in Bellingham, WA

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