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Skin Care Coach and Licensed Esthetician


My Story


I’m Vanessa, a licensed esthetician based in the Pacific Northwest.

I became a skin care fanatic as a teenager, hoping that I could better control my hormonal outbreaks beyond the prescription for birth control, which gave me mood swings and weight fluctuation, but didn’t seem to help my skin. I finally started to notice a difference when I implemented what I had learned into my own skin care routine. I graduated college with clear skin and a passion for understanding ingredient labels.

In my mid 20’s, I developed adult acne. At this point I was a licensed esthetician and, despite years of research and experience in the treatment room, I could not figure out how to heal my own skin. I looked in the mirror and felt frustrated, helpless, ashamed, and angry. I blamed my skin, viewed it as an enemy, and threw the strongest artillery I could find at it- prescription acne medications and topical products. The only “result” I saw was increased irritation in my skin and a never-ending dehydration in my body. I spent months researching potential causes, trying nearly everything to heal my skin and more importantly, my self esteem.

I deepened my knowledge of how ingredients can work to change and strengthen the cellular composition of our skin, and I put full faith into my skin care routine. Unfortunately, I wasn’t taking the next step to look deeper into my own lifestyle. I was a runner, I ate healthy, drank water & went to bed early - there was no way the acne could be related, right? When I finally sat down to take a good look at my diet, sleep, exercise and even thought patterns, I realized I had a lot of room for improvement. What followed was months of research, and then months more of incorporating my findings into my own lifestyle.


I finally started seeing results in my skin, and also my attitude. My skin isn’t my enemy - we are on the same team, both wanting to be healthy inside & out.


The truth is, there is no magic product or ingredient for healthy skin, because healthy skin isn’t skin-deep. In order to get the results we are looking for, we need to take a holistic approach, examining not just our products but our skin health history and our lifestyle- and this looks different for everyone! A healthy, radiant complexion doesn’t happen overnight- it takes consistency, patience, and forgiveness- because nobody is perfect. Our skin does not define us, but I know first hand how it can impact how we feel, and how “bad skin” can radically alter our view of ourselves, making us feel unworthy, not beautiful, and strip us of our confidence.

I’m here to tell you: Perfect skin is a myth. With seasons, age, diet and stress ... your body is constantly changing, and truthfully, living a life that is holistically good for your skin 100% of the time can be hard, if not unrealistic.

I am here to help - my mission is to empower my clients and community, both hands on and virtually, by sharing my expertise to offer you the insight, education & accountability you need to achieve the skin of your dreams & feel radiant inside & out.


We all deserve to feel confident and beautiful in our skin.

Let me help you discover your power, beauty & strength

wherever your life - or skin - takes you. 


Work with me!

Virtual Offerings


Holistic consultation over video, covering skincare health, routine, goals & lifestyle, to discover any tweaks that could be made to better serve your skin, and in turn, you. Personalized to what questions or concerns you'd like to cover.

 45 minutes, $45

Personalized Facial Kit

A 15-minute video consultation to discuss skin health & goals. You will then be mailed an at-home facial kit tailored to your skin's unique concerns, designed for two facials in order to accelerate the changes you want to see in your skin. 

The kit is comprised of a cleanser, exfoliating mask & treatment mask, all 100% organic, professional-grade products that will deliver amazing results. Includes follow-along video of a

skin-and-soul soothing facial massage. $100

In-Person Offerings

Private, In-Home Facial

temporarily unavailable

I come to you! The same in-spa experience at your home, using 100% organic ingredients from top brands, with a tailored facial targeting your unique and specific skincare concerns. 


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Licensed Esthetician and Skin Care Expert