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You deserve to love your skin.

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Hi! I'm Vanessa.
I'm a Holistic Skin Coach and Licensed Esthetician.
I help people heal their skin conditions so that they can feel comfortable, confident, & at-home in their skin.
In 2019 I developed hormonal acne. Soon, it was controlling my life. To gain back control, I dove deep into education. Nutrition, the gut-skin axis, you name it - all things holistic health. 

Today, I have mostly clear skin (perfect skin doesn't exist!) and am dedicated to helping others heal so that they can stop feeling insecure & start feeling comfortable & confident in their skin - just like I did.

My clear skin didn't happen overnight (you'll see once you read the full story!) but it showed me that healing is possible. I did it, and you can too!

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Currently in Bellingham, WA

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