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Skincare Consultation

Holistic consultation over the phone that covers skin health, routine, goals and lifestyle, to discover any tweaks that could be made to better serve your skin, and in turn, you. You can expect to leave the session with 2-3 adjustments that could be made to accelerate the changes you want to see in your skin - as well as tips and tricks for how to seamlessly integrate them into your daily life.

 15 minutes, $30

A Skin Care Consultation is for you if.....

  • You aren’t seeing the results you want out of your skincare routine

  • You’re new to skincare and aren’t sure which ingredients or products to use

  • You want to add new products into your routine but aren’t sure how or when to use them

  • Seasonal changes wreak havoc on your skin and you want to feel more in control

  • You have an event coming up and want to make quick, effective changes to look and feel your best in your skin

My Five-Step Process

Step 1- Learn about YOU

After booking, you will receive an intake form with a series of questions about your specific skin concerns, needs, skin goals and lifestyle - ranging from quality of sleep to water intake.


Step 2- Review your Current Products

I will provide an unbiased evaluation of your current skincare regimen and make suggestions of what you should keep or toss, based on your skincare needs and goals.


Step 3- Identify Opportunities for Success

Based on your skincare routine and lifestyle, I will offer some thoughtful product suggestions and lifestyle tweaks that could be made to better address your skin goals and accelerate changes in your skin.


Step 4 - Your Customized Routine

Together, we will create a customized at-home routine that works for YOU - with step-by-step instructions to effectively get you the healthy, radiant complexion you have always wanted.


Step 5 - Follow-Up

After the consultation, you will receive a thorough follow-up email with resources, notes, and recommendations.

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