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Chara | 27 | Seattle, Wa

Concerns:  Acne & Post-Acne Scars

"Working with Vanessa transformed my relationship with my skin. Before we began the coaching program, when I looked at my face, I was frustrated and viewed my skin as something I had to fight to control. Thanks to Vanessa, now I understand how the organ functions, what other choices I make throughout the day that directly impact it, and no longer see it as my enemy, but a part of myself that I’m committed to caring for. Vanessa developed a routine that was accessible for me and helped me understand how to prioritize based on my energy levels. My diet and self care routines have fundamentally shifted because of what I learned and I feel the benefits every day. I am grateful for Vanessa’s support and guidance, and look forward to continuing to improve my routine as her client for years to come."

"Society has always sold us on the concept of being comfortable in our own skin. What I learned through my time with Vanessa is that knowledge is the most powerful tool in achieving that for myself. As much as I love makeup, my confidence was never rooted in my foundation or concealer. Learning about the science behind skincare has done more for me than any tangible item ever could. Before working with Vanessa, my biggest insecurity involved meeting new people with a bare face. I would refuse to go anywhere unless I had a full face of makeup. Having that customized one-on-one time to delve into my daily routine – the good and the bad – really helped me actually understand where my skin was at, why it was there and where it could be with some changes. After a few weeks of skin coaching, I felt more than comfortable stepping out into the world with just me, myself and my naked face (with SPF of course). The confidence radiates externally as much as it does internally! My friends compliment the glow and buoyancy of my skin and I am happy to be able to pass along the tips and tricks I learned. My time with Vanessa went beyond the surface level information I’ve seen online or even gotten from some professionals - I learned about what the ingredients in my products actually do for my skin, why my diet may be the reason for some of my skin problems and how I can create sustainable habits that not only benefit my skin health but overall wellbeing. Getting access to the right information isn’t easy, but the power of knowledge I gained through these sessions helped me get one step closer to actually being comfortable in my own skin."

Melanie | 26 | Miami, Fl

Concerns: Dullness, post-acne scars & post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Taylor | 30 | Seattle, Wa

Concerns - Dullness,

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

"I have struggled with hormonal acne since my teens. I came to Vanessa to discuss post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne scars as well as dullness. Thanks to her virtual consultation and subsequent at-home facial kit, I’ve noticed more vibrant skin and less overall break-outs. Vanessa’s approach to skin is holistic- taking into account daily routines and lifestyle- from water intake to sleep schedule. Vanessa was so thorough, even going as far as to send a personalized skin calendar, tutorial videos, and even checked in with me after my self-administered facial. I feel grateful to have an Esthetician who cares so deeply about making people feel good in their own skin. I also feel more informed about what products to look for, how to make at-home skin routines feel special and spa-like, and what changes I needed to make to feel healthier and happier in my skin."

"I came to Vanessa with dry skin and premature wrinkling due to age, sun exposure and a sometimes unhealthy diet. During our consultation, Vanessa stressed the need to use sunscreen and put together a personal skin care routine that is extremely easy for me to incorporate into my daily routine. Since working with Vanessa, my skin looks so healthy and I have begun to enjoy and see the benefits in the ritual of skin care, which I previously ignored. I am frequently told I look fantastic and when asked how I keep my skin looking so young… I refer Vanessa with pride!"

Denise | 62 | Seattle, Wa

Concerns - Dryness, signs of aging

Kendal | 35 | Seattle, Wa

Concerns - Hyperpigmentation, signs of aging

"Vanessa is a fabulous personalized wellness professional to work with. She isn’t overwhelming about telling you to try new things and is great at suggesting multiple options in different price ranges. I have sensitive skin and have always been averse to putting anything tingly, etc on my face but Vanessa has taught me to love a good spicy mask and it has made a big difference in the health of my skin! I never feel judged about the stupid mistakes I make with skincare; instead Vanessa kindly directs me towards a better path to healthy skin. She has helped me understand what products I should use and in what order -  I can feel very overwhelmed with all the information out there about skincare, but Vanessa has a simple and practical approach that has given me so much more confidence in my skincare routine. I now actually understand how things are working/not working on my face. Vanessa is a lovely calming presence to work with, and I love getting facials from her on a regular basis and having her as a resource for all of my skincare questions."

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