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Skincare Concierge

a personal shopper for your skin

Imagine feeling confident in your skincare routine, knowing that each product is perfectly aligned with your skin's needs and goals - without having to spend hours doing research.

Gone are the days of trial-and-error in your skincare routine - feeling overwhelmed staring at row after row of products, trying to understand the ingredient label and hoping the product you pick will work for you. Say goodbye to the confusion of not knowing which order to apply your products, or when, or whether you even need them all...

That's where I come in, carefully curating a skincare routine that works for you - delivered right to your door.

A Skincare Concierge is for you if.....

  • You aren’t seeing the results you want out of your skincare routine

  • You're tired of spending money on products that don't work

  • You're new to skincare and don't know where to start

  • You're too busy to spend hours researching different products - but you want results 

You will receive...

  • A phone call with a comprehensive discussion about your skincare needs, concerns, goals & lifestyle

  • A brand-new skincare routine tailored to you - delivered right to your door

  • Clear, concise instructions on how to use each product

  • Personalized skincare calendar showing when to use each product

  • Email support for 30 days following delivery of skincare routine

  • Confidence in your skincare routine

An Essential Routine provides you with 4 products

(cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer, SPF)

Ideal for those who want to streamline their routine

$60 + product cost (includes shipping)

An Advanced Routine provides you with 6 products

(Essential Routine + two targeted treatment products)

Ideal for those who want to maximize results - fast

$80 + product cost (includes shipping)

Don't need a whole routine but looking to add in a product or two? Let's do it!

$20 + product cost/shipping. Limited to two products.

  • What brands do you use?
    When building your skincare routine, I choose from a variety of trustworthy brands based on your specific skin care concerns, goals, and preferences. I have personally worked with all the products and brands that you may receive. Whether they’re products I have used myself, used on clients, or seen first-hand results from a client’s skincare routine, all products are professional-grade with responsibly-sourced and highly-effective ingredients.
  • How do I know I'll like the products?
    Our consultation is extensive, covering skin concerns and goals, ingredient allergies and sensitivities, and likes/dislikes of textures, smells, and even how much time you want to spend on your routine. Each product is thoughtfully picked out based on our consultation - meaning that these are the products you would have picked for yourself, without having to do hours of research to find them!
  • How much should I expect to pay?
    Price will vary based on which products will be best for your specific skin type, concerns, and goals. For an Essential Routine, you can expect to pay between $200-300. For an Advanced Routine, $350-500. I want skin care to feel accessible to everyone. If price is a concern - let's talk about it!
  • How long will the products last?
    With consistent use, you can expect a cleanser to last about 6 months. Moisturizers will last about 4-6 months, and SPF, exfoliants and targeted treatment products typically last 3-6 months, depending on frequency of application + surface area. For example, I also use my exfoliant on my back and use my Vitamin C on my neck & chest - meaning neither will last as long as if I were to only use them on my face!
  • What is the return policy?
    Products are thoughtfully picked out based on a thorough consultation that covers ingredient allergies, sensitivities, and even likes/dislikes of texture and smell. Due to the extensiveness of the consultation, product returns are offered on a case-by-case basis.


"Vanessa asked in-depth questions about my skin, the products I currently use, my daily routines, lifestyle and more. The consultation felt so holistic and with Vanessa's extensive knowledge about skincare, when she recommended products for me I felt very confident they would be exactly what I needed - and I was right! I get super overwhelmed by the amount of products, brands & ingredients out there. Working with Vanessa took that overwhelm away and I felt really taken care of. Between the products she sent me and the skincare tips she gave me... it saved me so much time and energy agonizing over what I needed, and saved me money from buying unnecessary products!

I only wish I had found her sooner."

Favorite product: I loved the Vitamin C she sent me! It smelled great, my skin felt hydrated but not sticky, and I noticed a daily brightness that I didn't see before.

I also think it helped with fine lines.

- Selena, 32

Main concerns: winter dryness, dullness, & wanted a minimal skincare routine

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