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Skincare 101

Skincare can get a bad rap for being about vanity, or something just for women. That couldn't be further than the truth - skincare is health care, and health care is for everyone.

Why does skincare matter?

Our skin is the physical border of our body. When it is healthy, strong, & functioning optimally, it keeps the good things in (water, blood, cells, organs, etc.) and the bad things out (bacteria, viruses, pollutants, etc). Our skin is directly connected to our immune system and therefore our overall health.

Healthy, happy skin = a healthy, happy YOU.

Okay, healthy skin is important - great! But how do I get it? Welp, long answer entails making intentional choices throughout your day to support your skin & self (I can help with that!) but short answer is SKINCARE!

At the most basic level, a skincare routine helps to keep your skin happy, healthy & strong. It prevents a buildup of bacteria & pollutants, prevents inflammation, protects against UV damage, and boosts the natural functions of the skin, including collagen & elastin production. A skincare routine helps maintain your skin's structural integrity, which allows the skin to keep protecting you & keeping you healthy.

A quick note on collagen & elastin, because you'll see these words a lot in relation to skincare...

Collagen is an essential building block of our skin and our muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues. We naturally produce collagen but this production slows down as we age & is impacted by pollution, stress & UV damage. To keep your skin healthy & strong, use collagen-boosting ingredients & a daily SPF 30+, which protects against collagen break-down.

Elastin gives our skin & other tissues/organs throughout our body elasticity. Think of how bouncy & plump baby cheeks are - they’re full of elastin! Similar to collagen, our natural production of elastin decreases as we age & is impacted by pollution, stress & UV damage - contributing to skin looking “saggy” & thin. To keep our skin healthy & resilient, always wear SPF, keep your skin (& body!) well hydrated, & eat a diet rich in healthy fats.

A quick summary:

Skincare keeps skin healthy & strong, playing a key role in our immune system, metabolism, temperature maintenance, and our ability to heal wounds. Skincare is health care.

Regardless of gender, age, race, skin type etc etc... a skincare routine is right for you. Don't have a routine yet? The best time to start is now!!

Step 1: Figure out your skin type

Step 3: Get ready to glow, baby.

You deserve to love your skin!



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