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Upcoming Virtual Seminars

​45-minute virtual seminars focusing on various skin conditions and common concerns. There will be a Q&A segment following the informational part of each class. A copy of the slideshow deck will be emailed out to registered participants following each session. These virtual seminars are perfect for you, your son, daughter, partner, parent, roommate, etc. Skin care is for everyone.


May 16th, 11am PT - Transitioning to a Summer Skin Care routine         

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With warmer temperatures comes swimming, sweating & sunburns - all of which can wreak havoc on your skin. This 45-minute virtual seminar focuses on how to prepare and protect your skin during the warmer months. We will cover which ingredients to lean into (and which to avoid!) as well as easy tips, tricks & tweaks to maintain optimal skin health (and glow!) without missing out on all that summer has to offer - like late nights, drinks with friends, laying on the beach, etc.


May 23rd, 5pm PT - The Benefits of Facial Massage        

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I am a facial massage aficionado. From working with clients in the treatment room to caring for my own skin, I have seen how facial massage can dramatically change the texture, tone & overall health of the skin. This workshop covers all things facial massage - why it's so good for your skin, basic moves to target top skin care concerns, as well as how to determine what your skin needs - and why. Come prepared with a notepad to take notes, or with a clean face and a neutral oil to join along on the real-time facial massage!


We all deserve to feel confident and beautiful in our skin.

Let me help you discover your power, beauty & strength

wherever your life - or skin - takes you.

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